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Julia Emiliani is an illustrator based in Boston, MA.


Miss Representation

Very excited to be a part of a big group show called Miss Representation taking place at Junior High Gallery in LA December 10th through January 6th! The show sheds light on the lack of diversity in mainstream culture and the art world. It will feature works made by women of color artists, a terribly under-represented group, exhibiting works subverting iconic white-centric imagery and will allow WOC artists to exhibit work that expresses their experiences as such. Curated by Erika Paget and Maritza Lugo! Big thank you to both for inviting me to participate!

Poster by Maria Herreros

Poster by Maria Herreros

Left:  Like Farrah , Right:  Feeling Strange

Left: Like Farrah, Right: Feeling Strange

I made two pieces for the show! As an Italian-Puerto Rican girl who has experienced life in predominately white settings, it was very confusing to grow up looking latina but being surrounded by very white counterparts. Plus it didn't help that every girl on all my favorite TV shows seemed to be white and thin with straight blond hair (like every female character on Full House, Lizzie McGuire, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, etc). It raised a lot of questions - "Why are my elbows and knees so dark?" "Why are my arms so hairy?" "What's with these frizzy baby hairs framing my face?" "Why do my thighs have to touch?" So when you feel like you don't fit in, it certainly takes a hit on your self esteem. I wanted to confront that feeling with the both pieces I made for the show. Like Farrah subverts that iconic 1970's poster of Farrah Fawcett, highlighting her blond hair and thin physique, with a curvy brown girl assuming the same pose. Feeling Strange puts to words that ever-present feeling of insecurity and alienation. 

My pieces will be shown alongside some other talented artists and illustrators including Kristen Liu-Wong, Tiffany Mallery, Sashiko Yuen of Wishcandy, Maria Herreros, and others! 

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