Julia Emiliani Illustration
Julia Emiliani is an illustrator based in Boston, MA.

The Institute of Contemporary Art Boston

ICA Boston

Animation/video collage made for ICA
Boston's event Culture Club (Part 3),
an ongoing series that pairs live
performancewith visual installations.

Medium: Cut felt, cut paper, Photoshop,
Illustrator, Premiere.
Found footage provided by A/V Geeks.
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The full piece is is roughly 18 minutes long
and can be viewed here. It's a mix of found
footage and animated segments. Below is
the fully animated scene, and a series of
gifs highlighting moments throughout
the found footage segments.


This piece celebrates
summertime in all its
glory by portraying
iconic moments of the
season in an imaginative
and abstracted way.

I wanted to visually accentuate the
fleeting, unique joy that only this season
can bring. The combination of collaged
animated elements with found footage
communicate the ephemeral quality of
the season, while carrying a sense of
charmand delight throughout the piece.

flowers and leaves 2.gif
beach 1.gif
beach 2.gif

Select pieces of hand
drawn, cut felt/paper,
& digital elements
used throughout
the piece.

pieces mockup-01.jpg